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Before proceeding on to check out our website, please take some time to read this:


Hello lovebirds!

Welcome to Covenant & Vows dear friends!

We are finally beginning our marriage training!

Firstly, we would like to thank our many friends that have encouraged us to do this.


We know that we have been putting this off for a very long time. But the season to do this has finally arrived.

We are in the midst of preparing our QUARRELING FORWARD online series, where we teach lovebirds like yourselves how to quarrel effectively. 


Why is this important? 


Verrill & myself were in Japan recently and we were thinking about how in snowboarding, the first thing new snowboarders are taught is how to break their fall, and how to recover from their fall.

So in the same spirit, why aren't lovebirds taught how to quarrel and how to recover from their quarrel?


This is why, of all the topics that we could begin with, we decided to start our inaugural online training series with QUARRELING FORWARD!

Because once you know how to handle the "downs" in your marriage, you lovebirds can experience more "ups" or what we like to call "happily-ever-after moments" in your marriages!

To stay updated on when our online training series will be launched, do leave your email here and we will keep you posted once we have launched our training!

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Remember that LOVE ALWAYS WINS!

Lots of Love,





Verrill & Charlene

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