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Covenant & Vows...

was founded by Verrill & Charlene in 2018 in the culturally-diverse, island city of Singapore. It is an education company that provides marriage resources. 


It is our goal that Covenant & Vows will become the go-to marriage resource for married couples, and that through our resources, many couples' marriages will be transformed, experiencing a happy marriage and a oneness in marriage.

About Verrill & Charlene


Certified Marriage Mentors
Certified PREP Instructors

Verrill & Charlene are on a quest to transform the narrative of marriages -

from wedding ring being the 3rd type of ring that is "suffering"

to a happy marriage and a oneness in marriage,

filled with loving one's spouse and being loved by one's spouse.


They believe that with a successful marriage at the core, couples will be able to access complete life victory, experiencing success in every aspect of life.


They got married in 2013 and have been working together as colleagues and business partners since 2008 – meaning they actually have to deal with each other 24/7. Together they managed an agency that ran high ticket events that grossed 7 figures, hit 8 figure revenues and subsequently ran their own business. They experienced many successes and challenges together, and yet their marriage never took a hit. In fact, their marriage leveled up and came out stronger every single time.


Interestingly while working together, about 70+ individuals and couples have asked them for marital/relationship advice. They realized in that time, they were sharing the same marriage tools to different parties, over and over again.


Many of their friends encouraged them to share their marriage tools with more couples, thus resulting in the birth of Covenant & Vows.


The marriage tools they teach are a combination of what they have created and/or learnt from $70,000 worth of business, leadership, coaching & personal development courses - They tweaked, applied and iterated these tools in their marriage until (in their opinion) they have the best marriage.


Since they started, they spent more than a year organizing their thoughts and tools that they use, and distilling them into duplicable and easily learnt marriage tools for couples.

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Our Purpose

We exist to encourage and equip married couples - 


To encourage them that their love for each other will surely triumph all obstacles,


and equip them with marriage tools to take down challenges together.


As we keep our eyes on the above, we will defeat divided marriages and divorces!

Our Mission

Through our resources, like online courses, podcast and coaching,

we will teach husbands and wives how to exercise partnership,

and operate as one united entity.

Our Vision

We see a world abundantly filled with authentically happily-married couples - 


where each marriage unit is like the party that doesn't stop and the wine that gets better with age,


where each marriage unit is so strong, united and resilient to take on any challenges that will come their way,

where each marriage unit are living out their wedding vows - to have and to hold, through good times and bad, till death do they part.

Love Vouchers

Our Values


To love and accept one another for the way they are, and the way they are not, when you feel like it, and when you do not.


To be someone trustworthy and reliable that other can 100% count on to do things with excellence.


To carry out all things with an attitude that is stemming from gladness, appreciation, abundance and generosity.


To constantly build up each other's identity and confidence through words that are comforting, strengthening and hopeful.